Why Long Staple 100% Cotton?

We've put all types of Cotton to the test and here's why we settled on Long-Staple Cotton

The long-staple Cotton plant gives off longer more luxurious yarns than your stock standard cotton plant. Since these longer strands are more easy to weave, it produces a much softer texture. A long-staple Cotton plant is similar to the common Egyptian Cotton plant.
The finished fabric is more porous therefore air can pass through - avoiding that stuffy feeling at night.
The end result of Long-Staple 100% Cotton Sateen is a more finer, smoother and durable fabric = the sheets will feel better and last longer.

The 100% Long-Staple Cotton fabric we use for our EDEN Range is a 350 thread count woven in a Sateen weave. We believe this is a perfect combination to achieve amazing sheets that we and our customers LOVE, just check out the reviews page.