Inside our Sheets : Cotton

Cotton has been a staple in your wardrobe since forever, so its only natural that you navigate towards it for your bed.
Our Cotton sheets are made from the finest 'Long Staple' cotton yarns, which is exacty the same as an Egyptian Cotton yarn. We've used this luxurious yarn at a 350 thread count and woven it in a Sateen weave which we beieve is the best possible combinaion for our Cotton sheets.


Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, odor-resistant and does not go through any harsh chemical treatments. Cotton fibres are really easy to maintain, breathable yet absorbant and soft yet durable.

Like a nice wine, Cotton fibres soften wash after wash so they get even better with age (but really, we've never been able to keep wine around long enough to compare!)


The cotton plants we use produce a 'Long Staple Cotton' which is more commonly known as an Egyptian Cotton. These plants give us longer more luxurious yarns than a standard cotton plant.

Since these longer strands are easier to weave, it produces a much softer texture and is less scratchy and won't pill like cheaper quality sheets.  

The end result is a more fine, smoother and durable fabric which will mean our sheets will feel better and last longer.


Most high thread count fabrics use short yarns that have been spun together to increase the thread count.

The common understanding of thread count is the higher the better, but actually a high thread count can be a dead giveaway of a lower quality fabric because of the poor quality yarns that have been used to keep the thread count high.

The finished fabric of our Long Staple Weave is more porous, therefore more air can pass through which avoids that stuffy feeling at night. Our Long Staple Yarns a 350 thread count is the perfect weave for our fabric to perform at its best.


Our fabrics have been woven together using a luxurious Sateen weave.
In a Sateen Weave the yarns are woven toegther by passing over three times, then under once allowing more flat yarn surface area. This results in more surface area of flat yarns which is super soft to touch.

Our Sateen weave carries a slight sheen which perfectly compliments the unique colours in our range.