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are in bed.

We're your friends with benefits
when it comes to your bed.

There’s more to us than our good looks. Get to know our features and how they’ll change your life – or at least the way you sleep.

Five Key Features

Invisible Zipper

Deep Sides

Deep Pillow Flap

100% Natural Fibres

Double Layer Top Edge

Invisible Zipper

Quilts forever slipping out of their covers? Sick of buttons that look cheap and fall off? Our quilt cover has been designed with an inventive invisible zipper. Running the length of the bottom edge, it’s not only more practical, but looks a lot nicer too. Invisible. Invincible. Same thing.

Deep Sides & Thick Ribbed Elastic

Looking for a fitted sheet that actually fits? Ours is made with deep sides and a thick ribbed elastic on all edges. It’s the same elastic used in underwear and it allows the extra fabric to sit under your mattress, without riding up. The result? A sheet that hugs your mattress, just like your undies hug your hips.

We don't have a fix for everything, but we do for your bed.

Deep Pillow Flap

Got a pillow that keeps popping out of its case? Tired of the nightly battle to stuff and tuck it in? It’s not exactly the pillow fight you had in mind. So, we decided to switch things up. Our pillowcases are designed with an extra deep pillow flap, so your pillow stays trapped. All. Night. Long.

100% Natural Fibres

Each piece of bedding, whether it’s a sheet, quilt cover, or pillowcase is made with a quality yarn composition of breathable, 100% natural fibres. As our product offering grows, so do our options made with OEKO-TEX® certified sustainable dyes.  Plus, everything comes pre-washed so your sweet dreams are even sweeter.

Sheets designed to ease all pain points.

Double Layer Top Edged Flat Sheets

Making your bed look good doesn’t have to be so hard. Our premium finished flat sheets are built with a neat double layer top edge, plus a stylish motif to let you know which way is up. No need to fold, tuck or have a meltdown. Because we believe making your bed should always be easy, even when you’re half-asleep.

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