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About Us

The Sheet Society was created by Todd & Hayley,
who are a brother and sister duo from Melbourne.

It was created so people could inject some personal style in to the place they will spend more time in their life then anywhere else.  

We follow these core values for our brand


You spend a third of your life in bed, so it needs to be a place you feel good about going. This means it needs to both look good, and feel good. Our fabrics are luxurious, breathable and contain natural fibres to help you get the rest you need. We are all about promoting a healthy lifestyle through getting the best rest you can so you can tackle your day. 


Because your bed should look as good as you do, we change our fabrics and designs with the seasons too. We’ve always got your classic styles in both key fashion colours and basic timeless colours.
We promise that our colours, fabrics and styles will always hit the mark with what is trending.


The Sheet Society has a point of difference in all things we do. We are personable, quirky, attractive and relatable to our target market so we hope you will feel like you’ve never seen anything like it (besides, who doesn’t want to see our hot models all over our campaigns rather than pot plants?)
We're all about creating loyal customers who keep coming back to our brand because of the product, quality, price, and service.

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