Our Story

I’m Hayley and I’m the founder of The Sheet Society


The Sheet Society was founded on a love of fabrics and colours. I have worked with some of the best fashion brands, and the decision to change career path into launching my own range of bedding was a natural step for me. There really isn't much out there in terms of fashion for your bed, so it's been really fun to bring this brand to life and deliver products that you can style into your bedroom as an extension of your own personal style.


There is so much information out there about what are ‘the best’ sheets to buy. There’s the classic Linen, Bamboo, and new fabrics like Tencel. We’ve kept it super simple and chosen to use an all-natural 100% Cotton. We love the cotton pieces in our wardrobe like our tee’s and denim so wanted to use a fabric we know and trust. And like your fave pair of jeans, our Cotton sheets will get softer and even better with age.

The go-to thing that people tend to ask us is ‘what’s the thread count’. It’s a huge miss-conception that the higher the thread count, the better the quality. Thread count is measured by how may threads are in a square inch of fabric and some brands will jam in as many threads as possible just to get the count higher. These threads are usually short, stubbly and clog up the fabric just for the sake of it. The shorter threads used in a higher thread count sheet are prone to pilling and don’t feel as soft as you run your hand across the fabric.

Most of the time, a high thread count is a dead giveaway of a poor-quality cotton.

We’ve made our sheets from an extra long staple cotton which is commonly referred to as an Egyptian Cotton. These threads are longer, so we don’t need as many of them to keep the fabric woven together which means that the thread count doesn’t need to be as high. Our weave is more open so the fabric can breathe better and is much softer as the strands are longer.


We wanted to inject some really good design into our sheets.

Our Pillowcases have an extra deep flap to keep your pillow trapped neatly inside.

We were always taught to fold the top edge of the fitted sheet back when you make the bed, but when we did this the sheet was too short. I could never work out how to get the fold right or how much to fold it back. The top edge of our fitted sheet has a double layer of fabric so you can literally just throw it on. Some people don’t use a flat sheet, and that’s fine because we won’t make you buy one just for the sake of it. Everything we make is sold as separates so you can buy the pieces you want and leave the ones you don't. 

The most annoying thing about a fitted sheet is to get it to fit properly. We’ve given ours a super strong 3cm wide ribbed elastic which not only hugs to your mattress but it also helps to keep the corners where they need to be. We’ve used the best quality elastic so it won’t stretch out over time or go crunchy.

Changing your quilt cover is the worst. All our Quilt Covers come with an invisible zipper along the whole bottom edge, which not only gives you more room to get inside to get your Quilt in place, but it also makes sure its neatly trapped inside at all times. No more annoying buttons.


We offer a 30 Day ‘Great in Bed’ Guarantee on everything we make, so you can try us out in bed and if you don’t love our sheets after 30 days, then just send them back for a full refund.

We’ve got hundreds of 5-star reviews and thousands of happy customers so I have no doubt you’ll love us.

We can’t wait to sleep with you.