Check-out, for a night in.

How many times have you wanted to cosy up in lieu of heading out? Or rain check after-work-drinks? Or just call it an early night? For the seasonally recluse, we’ve created a range of bedding designed for ‘Checking Out’ of your overcommitments and unrelenting plans. Enter: The Sheet Society’s Checked Out collection. The streets may be calling, but time between new sheets is better this winter.

When bed calls and bailing becomes a temptation too dreamy to resist, we’re slipping into coveted covers to have a hiatus in style. It’s destined for the sleeper who ‘checks out’ with us is in high social demand, leads a turbo work-play life and finds solace in small fashionable purchases. Silence your phone and surrender to a soulful feast al bedroom, checking back in with the coolness of being in your own company. And emerge, of course, when you’re revived.


Our nod to more-is-more. When Mega and Mini check patterns are meshed together, you’ll have the most enthralling foundations for a riotous night in. Progressive dinner deleted? Now you finally have time to redress the bed. For those with a pink penchant, Mega Check Blush and Mini Check Blush will have you seeing plan-cancelling through rose-coloured glasses.

If you’d rather be snoozing in a lush oasis somewhere away from the throng of city life, opt for our new Sage shade. And don’t ever feel ‘bad’ for being ‘boring’ when choosing to snuggle up with Beige. Ton-sur-ton Check in a chilled-out shade will help any Friday night FOMO dissipate instantly.


Lock in and look to your bedside table for indulgent routines that normally go amiss: hand creams, face masks, dust-covered books, the latest RUSSH. If commotion is your aesthetic nightmare, splice Check with some solid Eden Cotton to scale the statement back a bit.

We’d gladly slumber a Saturday night away in our Mega Check Beige and Eden Cotton Terracotta. Or leap out of bed fresh on a Sunday (revelatory) to neatly zhuzh up some Mini Check Sage with Eden Cotton Blush. But really, Check is all about reclaiming your power, time and self-preservation, so layer up whatever colourways your heart desires.

Already RSVP’d? An urgent styling emergency has cropped up, and you will (not so) regretfully need to hunker down and haul up in the perfect set of Checkerboard sheets. This requires ample time spent dreaming up colour combos via our clever Bed Builder. Hang out with us for the night, here.