Nostalgic Flashbacks with Frankie Flannelette

We’re inviting you to stay in bed a little longer with our cosiest sheets yet in a rich double-brushed cotton flannelette. Frankie Flannelette revitalises your Nan’s worn sets and transforms your bedroom into a luxury winter haven. A throwback style, drenched in comfort.

You’ll be snug as a bug in no time.

Allow us to reintroduce you

This reinvented classic is designed for you to spend lazy mornings snuggled up in a warm and soft cocoon. Created with double-brushed, 100% pure cotton, the sheets are twice as nice, allowing you to rest easily in natural fibres. Our game-changing deep-fitted sheets will fit comfortably on any mattress, even with a topper. The zipper on our quilt cover means no more fussing with pesky buttons, letting you slip into your new sheets faster.

Frankie Flannelette has a gorgeous tactility that brings back nostalgic feelings of comfort and those lazy Sunday mornings with nothing scheduled but listening to the rain pelt your rooftop. Tuck yourself in, the comfortable lie-in you deserve has arrived.

For five more minutes of sleep, Frankie Flannelette comes in five of our best selling colours. Moss, Terracotta, White, Blush and Dove Grey. Classic colours, for a classic comeback

How to style for a full-out Flannelette moment

Want a style refresh for the revival? Cancel all your plans, we’re throwing a reunion party in your bedroom and you’re invited. Don’t worry about being underdressed. Or dressed at all.

We love the White Flannelette for an easy base to count sheep on. Take it easy with additions of Blush and Moss, creating a soft and soothing moment. A little bit of an homage to nan, a lot like a good night’s sleep.

Maybe you’re looking for a more grounded and moody mix? Dove Grey, Terracotta and Moss will take you there. A soothing and comforting tonal moment to snuggle into.

For the perfect lazy mornings in crumpled sheets, Blush, Terracotta and White, will create the bed you’ve always dreamed of. Comfort with style, every day of the week.

Enjoy that early morning golden hour, whatever colour sheets you choose.

Want to take your remix further?

Layering is not just for your hair anymore. Like your winter wardrobe, layering different textures and shades with your sheets can take your bed from fine to fab. Frankie Flannelette was designed to snuggle up next to our other ranges, the five colours coming from our core range, ensuring that any textural combo will be a hit.

If the 70s revival is your dream, Frankie Flannelette pairs perfectly with our Darcy Corduroy quilt cover for an all out vibe. For a tonal moment, you can pair Frankie Flannelette in Terracotta with Darcy Corduroy in Terracotta, or keep it sweet with Blush on Blush.

Match your bed to the clouds outside with Frankie Flannelette in Dove Grey and plush Tully Waffle in Charcoal. Drift away in swathes of soft comfort. Watch the sun rise in your shelter from the storm and settle in. You won’t want to leave.

The options are endless. Frankie Flannelette pairs seamlessly with pretty much anything.

But you can start with these.

You can do no wrong with Frankie Flannelette as your base. Your bed will be its cosiest dream landscape yet. Tuck in with Frankie Flannelette now.