Marloe Shearling European Pillowcases

Splice up your life.

We were inspired by wall tapestries and simple graphic artworks when designing our Marloe Euros. We wanted them to have that mid-century feel that we’re seeing everywhere in interior design this season. We wanted our Marloe Euros to bring a fun, artistic element to your bedroom, or living room.

Made using a vegan-friendly short hair shearling fabric weave, our Marloe Euros are perfect for adding texture and depth into your space. Our shearling features a raised knitted texture which embraces an imperfect, natural feel.

Our Marloe Euro range includes your favourite solid colours, as well as double-sided spliced Euros in Blueprint, Hunter Green, Nude, Blush and Terracotta. Style them together or on their own, Marloe is guaranteed to splice up your bedroom.

Blueprint Splice

Our Blueprint Splice Marloe Euro is straight out of beautiful Santorini. The combination of Blueprint, Nude and Warm White creates a timeless, summer-inspired look. Pair it with neutrals like White and Nude to let the colour pop, or match it with Blueprint sheets to complete the summery look.

Blush Splice

Designed with mid-century artworks in mind, our Blush Spliced Marloe Euro will create a statement in your bedroom. The combination of Blush, Nude and Warm White is soft and oh so fun! Style it with warmer hues like Mocha, Blush and Rust.

Hunter Green Splice

Our Hunter Green Spliced Marloe Euro features artworks in Hunter Green, Nude and Warm White. Inspired by earthy landscapes, it’s the perfect Euro to bring depth into your bedroom. Pair it with our Moss, Hunter green, Nude or Terracotta to bring the earthy look to life.

Nude Splice

Designed to pair perfectly with any colour combination, our Nude Spliced Marloe Euro features a double-sided design in Nude and Warm White. These subtle colours really let the artistic designs do the talking and will suit any of the colours in our range, giving you endless possibilities.

Terracotta Splice

Inspired by Australian sunsets, our Terracotta Spliced Marloe Euro features two unique designs in a combination of our best-selling colour Terracotta, Warm White and Nude. These warm sunset tones pair beautifully with neutrals like White, Mocha, Terracotta and Nude.

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