Love Stories, bedtime edition.

How do you bed-share? Do you keep a bedfellow? Or does your nighttime ritual involve starfishing your limbs to the most far-reaching corners of that big, dreamy bed all on your own? We are celebrating all kinds of sleeping arrangements this Valentine’s Day. We know there is no one size fits all, and we want to continue celebrating the uniqueness of us all.

Whether you’re slumbering solo or tucking in with a significant other, bedtime with The Sheet Society is a love affair that lasts. Hog the quilt, claim your side of the bed, make room for your bedst four-legged friend, or throw a rom-com marathon between the sheets with your platonic lovers.

We’ve stripped the bed and decked it out with a few of our favourite loved-up pairs and solos, to show you how they share the covers (or not).

Johan & Ash

Ash is the deso bedmaker in this rollicking pair. But Johan’s adamant the doona belongs to him, and him only. The duo dreams on linen always, with a ride-or-die pillow pad of four standards and two euros. This three-month young union sparked its flame on the infamous dating apps, and is built on a fitted sheet of fun, humour and frivolity.

Sue & Tony

In Sue’s words, “Tony borders on incompetence in bed-making,” but the pair makes up for it in the doona-sharing department. This sleepover is 45-years-strong, following a chance meeting in a circle of Melbourne hippies once upon a time.

Mia & Tilly

Left side lover? Or right side romantic? Mia and Tilly split the bed in half for morning rituals (insert: hot cups of liquid magic here) and copious cuddles. The girls swiped right for each other about eight months ago, and now they can’t imagine one half of the cotton-covered bed empty.


When it comes to bed-making, Rian admits no two days are the same. Some are reserved for slothing it in bed with Netflix and a snack smorgasbord, while others require some expert zhuzhing when the rents are calling in. She stashes a whopping seven pillows on the bed, but swears by sleeping on two Europeans.

When quizzed on matters of the heart, Rian advocated for being uncompromisingly honest with oneself. We love the open and transparent nature of this glorious woman, who will be going through her gender reassignment shortly. If you want to see more of Rian, check out her Instagram here. @ayshabuffet


What is love? It’s a bed to yourself, according to Harry. This solo sleeper takes bedtime seriously, sprawling out and slumbering like a pro in his own fabulous company. No Netflix negotiations are necessary, and there’s only one rule to remember: never make the bed.

Alannah, Dave & Baby Bonnie

They say three’s a crowd. But for this trio, bedtime means a compulsory cuplete, especially with six-week-old Bonnie around. Alannah admits to always making the bed, but fairly claiming all the doona rights because of it. They are linen lovers through and through, the crew snoozes on the soft, comfy and breathable fabric all year ‘round.

Issy & Nala

A princess by nature (and nurture), Nala nestles up with Issy (our very own social media guru) every night without fail. The most loyal companion, Nala always ditches her floor-bed for Issy’s linen-laden upgrade (and brings her favourite monkey along for the snuggle). Issy’s happy to give up her wriggle-room at night, as she knows Nala’s a soulmate worth spoiling.

At the end of the day, it’s all about who you’re willing to give up half a bed for. Or, it’s why you choose to keep its lush cosiness all to yourself.

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