Looking After Your Linen

Lazy linen lovers, this one’s for you. Bedding should be breezy and sleep-promoting. It’s the antidote to your fatigue, not the cause of life admin nightmares.

That’s why we’ve made our linen threads extra simple to care for. While linen has a notorious reputation of being extra fancy, needy and fiddly to look after, we’ve curated a no-muss, no-fuss guide on giving your favourite fabric some TLC.

Turns out, linen goes the long haul (and can last generations of slumbering) when you show it some occasional attention. When the prospect of sheets-cleaning feels akin to torture, consider your favourite bedding as cinch to maintain as that go-to linen shirt.

Pre-washed perfection awaits.

No mucking around, let’s go straight to the bedroom. These sheets have been pre-washed, so you can dress the bed as soon as they arrive at the door. This means they’re all cosy for the very first snooze.

Less is more on washing day.

The more you wash your sheets, the more buttery-soft and supple they’ll feel to snuggle up in. We’re only cocooning ourselves in 100% French Flax Linen, after all.

When that first laundry day dawns, use laundry powder or liquid sparingly. Wash the sheets on their own exclusive cycle (VIP treatment only), using a cool or warm setting. Choose your own adventure.

Feature image
Feature image

No ironing necessary.

Creases will disappear on their own (clever!) in contact with your body warmth. But if you’re an ironing addict, we recommend turning them inside-out first. And always popping a good playlist on for the hustle.

Good storing = great snoring.

Make sure your sheets are totally dry before sending them for a cupboard vacay. And avoid storing them in any plastic boxes (however tempting), as they need to breathe that fresh air.

Moral of this bedtime story? Linen threads can be easy to care for when you follow our lead. And like all good relationships, this one will last a lifetime if you treat the sheets right.

Tuck in with our Eve Linen and take your new sheet-care tricks for a testrun.