The mum behind the sheets

We sat down with our very own Wonder Woman, Hayley Worley to chat about how she manages a fast-growing business with two kids under two.

Hayley started the Sheet Society in 2017 and has since grown it into a successful online business, with a bricks and mortar store and plans to expand even more. In the meantime, she’s been mum to Jake (2) and Mila (10 weeks!). We sat down with Hayley to chat about the balancing act of motherhood and a growing business.

Describe your life right now in three words.


Juggle, Wine, Nappies.

Congratulations on your new baby girl Mila, how have you been finding balance between two kids and a business?


Thank you! It’s actually been so fun, I’m feeling a lot more confident the second time around which does make it a lot easier. Mila has been such a great baby (so far!) which makes it easier to juggle our toddler Jake as well as keep up a few work commitments.

The business has grown a lot since I had Jake and even since I fell pregnant with Mlia so having a lot of extra capable people to rely on has really helped the juggle.

What advice would you give to anyone juggling a business with a baby?


I think just be easy on yourself, some days you can juggle and others you just can't and that’s ok. I’m so conscious that kiddies grow up so fast so whilst i’m still trying to juggle business and baby I am really trying to make the time spent with the kiddies really meaningful.

It’s coming up to your second Mother’s Day - how will you be spending it this year? And how will it differ from last year in lockdown?


I’m actually taking Jake to The Wiggles concert on Mothers Day! But we’ve booked a holiday to Perth the week after Mothers Day to spend time together as a family. I listened to an interview recently with Zoe Foster-Blake that mentioned that memories she’s creating with her family are linked to holidays so i’m really trying to.

What’s on your wishlist this Mother’s Day (we can send a hint to Andy..)


I desperately wanted a family holiday and a little more sunshine before we head into winter so i’m so excited that we’re going on a little family holiday! We also have some new colours dropping in our Autumn collection so I might treat our bed to some new sheets in our dreamy Camel colour.

How have your days been ending at the moment?


We’re trying to not look at our phones between the time we get home and the time that the kiddies go to bed which means we’re cooking dinner together, building lego and eventually wrangling naked kiddies out of the bath and putting them to bed. Andy is the bedtime story reader so we all sit on the floor of Jake’s room and have a few books before saying goodnight and then tucking into the wine!

What have you been doing to treat yourself?


Wine! Having two kiddies under two I feel like i’ve spent FOREVER being pregnant so i’m really enjoying a nice drop. There’s a brand I love right now called Diggin’ In The Cellars that offer a wine subscription thats called a Juice Box and its the best thing ever.

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What can we expect next from the Sheet Society? Can you let us in on any secrets?


Well, Winter is coming which means more time spent in bed! We have some great new products coming out over the next few months. Our customers have been begging us for Flannelette sheets for years now and we’ve perfected the fabric so its super luxe. We also have some darker tones to add into our Eden and Eve ranges as well as some lovely new Gingham checks. I have probably given quite a bit away but there’s still a lot more exciting ranges that are in the works… so watch this space!


This Mother’s Day, we’re partnering with Victorian-based charity Berry Street, to support those who might not have a place to safely rest their head at night due to the tolls of family violence.

We’re donating 10% of our profit this week to the remarkable initiatives Berry Street put in place to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

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