Behind The Sheets: Haus of Hues

We sat down with Caitlin, our Design and Production Manager to chat about Haus of Hues, our first ever autumn capsule collection.

Walk us through the process of creating Haus of Hues?


We were really excited and inspired by the opportunity of designing our first ever seasonal campaign, something we will continue to focus on moving forward. Autumn felt like the perfect season to kick off with, building a range that bridged the gap between our Summer and Winter seasons.

We wanted to focus and reflect on where we were last year as a community, most of us locked down during the height of Australia’s COVID 19 pandemic. Our team was incredibly conscious of ensuring this year for Autumn our customers felt safe, relaxed and comforted in their bedrooms as the cooler months hit. Haus of Hues is all about building a sanctuary in the bedroom where we want to hibernate, taking time out to recharge and feel at ease in your own personal space.

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What’s your favourite/most rewarding part of the design process?


For me, my favourite part of the design process is building the range. The research, design development and collaboration involved in pulling a new capsule together is what I fell in love with early on in my career.

The most rewarding however, is once it launches into the market. Often, we are working months in advance and the pace of Design & Production doesn’t leave things in the limelight for very long. So when you see the campaign launch, particularly Haus of Hues – It really takes you back to that much loved design process and I get so excited to see it resonating with our audience.

Where did the inspiration for our new colour palette of Sage & Camel come from?


The colours Sage and Camel take inspiration from nature, something we all felt we lost connection to last year and so the focus on reconnecting with our environment is more important than ever. We have seen a massive shift away from heavily saturated and ‘pop’ colours we’ve seen in the past, these new additions are so soft and calming – Making them perfect for a bedroom makeover!


What’s your must-have item to create your bedroom retreat?


A well-made bed…obviously! But I am also a strong advocate for a bedroom candle, they seem to multiply when the cooler months approach too. Right now, I am loving my Byredo Tree House Candle, full of woody goodness!


What’s your favourite pairing from the autumn collection?


My ultimate favourite pairing we featured as part of our Haus of Hues campaign is our Eden Cotton Camel Sheets paired back with our Lola Bouclé Warm White cover. It’s like a caramel, latte, creamy dream!

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What are you working on next?


We have so much exciting new product in the pipeline for you all. I am currently working on our very exciting Spring Collection launching later this year – Watch this space...