Which print persona are you?

Piper Prints command you to unleash your innermost creative self. Maybe you’re minimalist-minded and instinctively reach for Daze, or you crave something on the eclectic side, spreading Arizona over the bed.

Versatile and simple-to-style, these punchy prints lend themselves to absolutely any bedroom, but each pattern belongs to a certain kind of sleeper. All are slightly sporadic and off-beat, with their own distinct flair. Expect subtle non-prints, dots and spots, haphazard stripes and cheeky checks galore.

So what print reflects your most authentic personality? That’s what we’re here to discern. Sleeping masks off. Let’s take a tour through the lineup.


For the daydreamers and late-nighters. Lunar thinks in big lofty ideas, longs for sun-drenched holidays and hiatuses off-the-beaten-track.You forge your own path and are known for being the one who dresses with difference, commanding compliments and ‘where did you find that?’s with ease. Lunar is reserved for the wanderlust among us. You’re the kind of sleeper that has to hit snooze a few dozen times, just to relish the dreams that were.


Your coffee order is uncomplicated. A bona fide minimalist, you streamline every aspect of life to considered simplicity. It’s an artform, pairing back and stripping down until the space, life and company you keep are executed with the guiding ethos of quality over quantity. Daze drapes over your bed with ease, meshing harmoniously with barely-there adornments, like stacks of monochrome VOGUE, tall-stem candles and Aesop within arm’s reach.


You live life on the fly, embracing spontaneity at every chance. When you eventually do get some sleep, you want to make it real good. Where will the night take you? Who knows. But you’ll always end up tucking in with us. Early morning gym sessions have you leaping out of bed, while every after-work moment is punctuated by new adventures, old friends and restless movement. Your bedroom is a bliss break from the constant camping trips, concert stints and weekends down the coast.

Who’s your partner in print? Maybe your choice is obvious. But if indecision ever strikes, be sure to get click-happy with our digital (or virtual, via your smartphone) Bed Builder marvel online. Here, you can become your own bed architect, splicing prints with solids and strategising the ultimate ensemble for your own bespoke room, mood and mind.