Annie Everingham: a limited edition bedroom exhibition

Art allows us to escape our minds and look inside those of others. It soothes, inspires, uplifts, and provokes. Bring that kind of captivating creativity into the bedroom and you’re harnessing the power of art in the everyday.

That’s why we’ve dreamt up a petite, painterly capsule of sheets for the art-inclined among us, dubbed ‘Annie Everingham’. Our eponymous, limited edition collection debuts exclusive artwork from real-world artist Annie, while inviting you to bring a home-grown masterpiece into the bedroom.

Prepare to dream a little bigger and truly expressionist yourself at home.


But who’s the woman behind the wonder? Annie is a self-taught artist based in Newcastle, helming her very own studio full-time and newly embracing the world of motherhood.

Annie’s work flourishes in feminine textures and floral compositions, making this capsule a truly dreamy Mother’s Day prezzie (for all of the special, maternal figures around us).

You can pore over her marvels here, and the beautiful BTS bits of Annie’s life here.


This duo drop turns bedrooms into veritable works-of-art. Just like in the art world, there are no gospel ‘rules’ of bed-dressing. But we’ve conjured up a few prototypes for styling Marigold and Wanderer at your place.

These two designs were made to work in tandem, or tuck in with our solid Eden and Eve ranges for a subtler foray into colourplay. Matching back effortlessly with our whimsical papaya, blush, blueprint, and lilac colourways, there’s a canvas here for everyone.

If it’s Marigold that melts your heart, hero the quilt cover on a soft banquet of butter sheets. This warm-toned cocoon is bright and light, bursting with delicious swirls of sunrise hues. We have a feeling they’ll make getting up in the morning that little bit easier.

If you want to keep things cooler in tone, splice a blueprint quilt cover with Wanderer printed pillow slips and sheets. Or if pastels aren’t your pick, lean into Annie with a simple, white doona against a peep of artsy sheets.

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“Inspired by morning rituals, the 'Wanderer' and 'Marigold' artworks are an ode to the sense of joy, stillness and comfort we find in the early moments of a new day. We're reminded of filtered light hitting the sheets at sunrise, fluttering eyelids, crisp quiet mornings spent with a warm cup of tea. Tones of lilac, papaya and beige combined with painterly textures and marks create the ultimate relaxed and sunny vibe of an Australian morning.”

- Annie Everingham

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