An ode to the mums

Every day is a good day to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us. But with the first weekend of May dedicated solely to celebrating our mums comes an extra-special excuse to make a big fuss.

Today, we’re looking back on the bedtime stories, the late-night movie marathons, the arvo naps and Sunday brunches spent curled up in the sheets with the brilliant, maternal figures in our midst.

From The Sheet Society’s own who are expecting, to creatives we dote over online, we’ve caught up with a small handful of Australia’s own superwomen to chat motherhood, bedtime rituals and daily routines.

Roberta Stewart

Mum to baby Earl

Roberta’s hot motherhood tips are gorgeous and simple. She prescribes “classical music during your child's bath.” Her method involves turning water-play into a luxurious, sensory joy. “Learning to enjoy the natural elements around you stays with you for life, particularly with water.”

Her days with son Earl start with a conversation while lying in bed, followed by a charge into the kitchen where they share fruit toast and rejoice in the televised masterpiece/virtual child pacifier that is Bluey.

Bobby Clark

Artist and Mum to James

Bobby always wanted to be a mother. For her, the yearning hit while relatively young. “I love every single second with James,” she says.

“Watching him grow from the very first day has been beautiful. I always imagined who my baby would be but he has just surpassed every single thought or dream. That very first moment I remember feeling like, ‘It’s you!’, like I had known him all along. Watching him discover new things, learn new words and simply just watch when I show him something is my favourite. When he looks at me with his big blue eyes and calls me ‘Mama’.”

“This Mother’s Day, Bobby and baby in tow will be spending the weekend at Warrandyte with their friends Annika, Odin, and little Vahla. It will be Annika’s second Mothers Day, too. “It’s my birthday on the 6th of May so we rented my friend's beautiful house (Casa Warrandyte) to stay all weekend and go for big walks by the river. It will be so nice to spend it together.”

Caitlin Hogg

New mum-to-be & our Design and Production Manager

Mum-to-be Caitlin is feeling an inevitable mix of exhilarating excitement and fear. “As a new mum, I have no clue what this role entails yet. Will I succeed or will I fail?” But she says the journey is the most incredible part. ”

“I’ve been so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by strong independent women my whole life. My entire family is made up of them. My own mother, sisters, aunties and girlfriends are all incredible mothers in their own rights."

"So much of what they do builds on what being a ‘mother’ means to me. A life guide, the person you rely on for your true north. A protector, teacher, and advocate for everything you do.”

Jacqui Felgate

Mum of two & Channel 7 news and sports reporter

For Jacqui, motherhood hasn’t necessarily come naturally. “I have always wanted to have children but I’ve definitely felt the pressure to be perfect,” she admits. But being a mum is the most rewarding thing she’s ever done.”

“I’m so proud of both my daughters. They’re such strong, independent women.” To Jacqui, motherhood is empowering them to be whatever they want in life, sans limits.

Trisha Tran

New mum to be (our shoot was her due date!)

Trisha’s bub is due any day now, and her conflicting feelings are those shared by many mum’s expecting: “I selfishly hate the thought that once my baby becomes earthside, I will no longer get to experience this exclusive party we share right now. But as much as I dread having to share this human with the world, I am pretty excited to learn of what and who this human will develop and evolve to be.”

Trisha feels like a clone of her mother, both physically and personality-wise. Heritage to her is something worth celebrating, nurturing, and safeguarding.

“Growing up as an Australian-born Vietnamese, I was never proud of being different. But my family continued to enforce many family traditions and cultural rituals that I now wish to instil in the upbringing of my children. It is extremely important for me to teach my own children to be proud of their cultural background and to continue to celebrate cultural diversity.”

Mums are magnificent, in every form and shape they take. Be it a maternally-inclined best friend, a quintessentially-cool aunty, an inimitable grandma, or a father who stepped in to do both roles. Here’s to the people that ground us, grow us up, tuck us in, kiss us goodnight, and give us love unconditionally as we take on the world.


Happy Mother’s Day, with love from The Sheet Society.