12 Dogs of Christmas - A Gift Edit

Nothing beats the gift of a good night’s sleep, and we think we all deserve a good rest after this long, ruff year (see what we did there). This year, we teamed up with some furry little friends to bring you a fetching holiday gift guide with a twist.

For the sweet (and sometimes spicy).

Always sweet and a little bit spicy, Hazel is a sassy gal who enjoys eating ice cream before dinner and jumping into colourful Eden Cotton sheets. Eden cotton is the perfect gift for the sweet and sassy people in your life.

Be inspired by Hazel’s candy coloured bed or create your own combination of your own using our Bed Builder.

Eden Cotton - Blueprint From $44.00 $55.00

For the vintage lovers.

Floyd will invite you over just to show you his extensive record collection and talk about bands you probably haven’t heard of yet. Yes, his armchair is vintage but his Darcy Corduroy Moss quilt is brand new, baby.

Gift that vintage feel, without the 70’s funk. Darcy Corduroy is a timeless classic.

Darcy Corduroy - Moss From $140.00

For the eternal optimist.

Brighten someone’s day with Eve Linen in Butter. The perfect gift for those with a sunny disposition and a spring in their step. They always seem to wake up on the right side of the bed and prefer their eggs sunny side up. Gift Butter Linen and they’ll be positively beaming. 

For the sleepy head

They’ll sleep even better at night knowing their Eve linen sheets are good for them and good for the world. 

For those that ask, “does it come in black?”

For the friend who shops all black everything - meet Frankie and Chambray Linen in Ash. A monochromatic dream for your minimalist friends who might not be into colour, but love to mix and match.

Shop Chambray Eve Linen, perfect for lovers of that monocromatic vibe.

Chambray Linen - Ash From $160.00

For the warm and fuzzies.

The perfect fluffy companion for any bed! And Baci is pretty cute too ;) Give them the warm and fuzzies with Marlo Euros and Boucle in Rust this holidays. It’s the perfect gift for those who you might not be so sure of what to get.

Mix Rust Lola Boucle with the Marloe Shearling Euros, for a fun and fluffy look.

Lola Bouclé - Rust From $140.00

For the no fuss friend.

No frills or fuss here, just the soothing earthy tones of Tully Waffle in Terracotta. For those you want to buy something truly beautiful for, but without any fuss. 

For the fancy friend.

Paris the greyhound is the embodiment of class and style, she also enjoys long Sunday sleep ins, mani pedis and binge watching Emily in Paris. But don’t bring it up in public, it’ll make her blush. Her Bouclé sheets have her dreaming of croissants and Arrondissements. Oui Oui!

For those with a softer side.

After spending most of his day fetching, digging and getting in up to all kinds of mischief, cheeky Jasper likes to curl up in his freshly made bed. Lately he’s been spending most evenings wondering if he has made the naughty or nice list this year.

Parker Quilted is for those with that softer side, keep them warm and cozy at night.

Parker Quilted - Charcoal From $160.00

For a little bit of luxe.

Poppy is a princess at heart. A lover of all things luxe, she loves to recline on her blush Eve Linen which happens to work really well in her Instagram grid aesthetic at the moment.

A bright take on a sophisticated classic - you can’t go wrong with Eve Linen. 

Eve Linen - Blush From $120.00

For a double take.

For those cheeky ones in your life, just like brothers Loui and Leo. The double trouble twins you can’t help but fall in love with. This summer inspired stripe is a two-toned delight - shhh sneak peak of our new Linen Stripes coming soon.

For the big and small.

12 and a half Dogs of Christmas! We know there isn’t technically 13 days of Christmas, but does 12.5 count? We had to include Floyd’s little brother Augie in the mix. Not just for the big kids, pups like Augie love our sheets too. Our sheets come in a range of sizes; from cots to King so everyone can get a good night’s sleep.