July 05, 2018 2 min read

How to style your bedroom for winter

We don't know about you, but these chilly winter days have got us spending all of our time in bed (or at least wanting to). You don't need a whole style change for each season but with these few simple tips you can transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland you'll never want to leave.  

Light up your life

Bringing warmth into your bedroom can be as simple as adding a new lamp or candle. Choose a yellow or warm bulb rather than fluorescent or cool tones. Voila, you're well on your way out of winter gloom (literally).

Texture is key

Ward off the winter chill with different textures throughout your room whether that be a suede pillow, thick rug, woolly blanket, or a beautiful textured quilt cover. By adding texture you'll instantly create a more cosy and warm vibe rather than the smooth cool surfaces for summer.

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Move away from your classic whites and bring nude back! Just as easy to style but brings a much warmer feel to the room. We've all heard of Winter White but Winter Nude is even better, we promise.

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Indulge in Velvet

For the more adventurous person, Velvet is the hit texture of the season on the Runway. It's even more luxe in the bedroom. Not only does it look amazing but it feels even better. There's a reason it keeps coming back again and again and again...

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Pile on the Pillows

The easiest way to snuggle in is with some new pillows. Here you can play around with Texture, Colours and sizes. A beautiful Shearling Euro Pillow is perfect for adding comfort and style to any bedroom.

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