November 21, 2017 2 min read

The Sheet Society celebrated their summer 2018 collection last week by releasing eight new styles. Known for testing the boundaries in the bedroom, The Sheet Society’s newest range does just that, using the latest patterns and fabrics seen on fashion runways around the world such as gingham, paisley, washed cotton, lace and velvet. Founder Hayley Worley describes the latest range as “All of the best pieces from your summer wardrobe adapted into the bedroom. Gingham is going to be a huge print this season and our soft printed paisley and floral prints are exactly what you’d wear to the beach. For guys, we’ve got our washed cotton which is super breathable and has a natural crinkle through the fabric so you can totally get away without making the bed - because you’ve got other things to do with your time!”

"My fave style is our black embroidered cotton style ISOBEL. The super soft cotton feels so lush and the black colour has been selling so well - so very Melbourne!”says Hayley.

Since launching in February, The Sheet Society has hit the ground running, forming a loyal following who is continuously increasing the demand for their designer bedsheets. Their rapid growth has been attributed to their close attention to their audience’s needs, designing bedding that allows you to inject some personal style into your bedroom whilst remaining competitive on pricing, offering free shipping on every order, AfterPay and ZipPay options at the checkout and their unique 30 day ‘Great in Bed’ guarantee

Hayley - and co-founder/little brother Todd - have a passion and dedication to making quality bedding that is reflected throughout their newest line of products and hasn’t gone unnoticed by their customers who frequently review their products.

"Super smooth, super soft, super heavenly! Actually living my dream in those sheets!” - Emma D,

"I have never been in love with something more in my life. They are amazing” - Daisy H”.

The Sheet Society’s innovative approach to engaging with their customers really sets them aside from the rest. Their content see’s their sheets in bed with Australian models Alicia Banit, Luke Toniolo, Kiera Rae and Aidan Hathaway. A recent campaign shot by The Sheet Society “How to Fold a Fitted Sheet” saw two models scrunching up the sheet and throwing it on the ground, because let’s face it, busy people have better things to do with their time than folding sheets.

So what’s in store next for The Sheet Society? “We are soon to release our exclusive gifting option online where you can upgrade to have your sheets delivered in our Denim/Canvas tote with a promise of an extended return period and free return shipping. This then breaks down the barriers of giving bedding as a gift this Christmas. We think people will love to give the the gift of a better night’s sleep.”


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