September 12, 2017 2 min read

Introducing The Sheet Society, an online fashion start up bringing the latest fashion to your bedroom.  


“We were born from the fact that you spend a third of your life in bed, so it needs to be a place you feel good about going each night,”says Hayley Worley, Designer, Production Manager and Co-Founder of The Sheet Society.

"It’s important people have an opportunity to inject their personal style into the place they will spend more time in their lives than anywhere else.’

The Sheet Society’s offering starts with EDEN basics - Flat, Fitted, Pillowcases and Quilt Covers which are all available in of the must have colours at the season.

“Terracotta has been a best seller. Think of those Timberland boots and bringing that look to life in the bedroom, and our baked is really on-trend at the moment,” says Hayley.

The Sheet Society fashion styles, known as SOCIETY, are uniquely designed Quilt Covers and Pillowcases made from fabrics including quilted jersey and Velvet. All are designed to mix and match.

“We don’t pack our styles together in sets, we let our customers mix and match their own looks.”

Through their values, The Sheet Society brand aims to promote ‘Sleep and Wellness’ by using fabrics that promote a better nights sleep such as 100% Egyptian Cotton and 100% Organic Cotton, be ‘Fashion Forward’ by bringing seasonal runway trends to the bedroom, and remain ‘Unlike The Rest’ in the way they engage with their market, develop content and deliver on customer service.

“We use Facebook Messenger to communicate with most of our customers, because we know that’s the best form of communication for them, and it allows us to be really personal,” says Todd Cresp, Hayley’s brother and Co-Founder.

“We’ve found that our customers have recommended us to their friends and family and we start to see more orders coming from the same suburbs and areas of the country!"



“We’ve got a 30 day ‘Great in Bed’ guarantee where we want customers to sleep with our product and ensure the colours of our fabrics match the look and comfort they are going for,” says Todd.



“Additionally, we send fabric swatch cards to whoever wants them for free so potential buyers can see the colours and feel for themselves how soft our Egyptian Cotton is.”


The brand also aspires to not leave a negative impact on our planet. “Our customers - current and future - want to go to bed in their new sheets and for the world to be just a tiny bit better than when they woke up. To encourage this, we don’t use any plastics in our packaging, in fact, its all recyclable.

We also have a range of 100% Organic Cotton sheets which are ethically produced - we’re making our hippie mum proud,” says Hayley. Expect big things from The Sheet Society.

Shop the latest styles from The Sheet Society here

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