May 24, 2018 2 min read

may sleep tester

As we start to feel those cooler days and begin to prepare for those winter nights there's nothing better than climbing into bed with the softest sheets around. Our May sleep tester, Cody from Prahran, Melbourne tested out our beautiful EDEN Charcoal Long-Staple 100% Cotton Sheets. Here's what he thought of them...


How would you describe your bedroom style?

I would describe my bedroom style as masculine. I like a tailored and polished look. Sleek, yet understated.

Why did you choose our Charcoal sheetS?

I chose the charcoal sheets as I knew it would suit my bedroom asthetic. My bedroom features a lot of black and neutral colours so I thought it would fit right in. The colour is a great warm tone for winter.

How was your experience with the delivery?

Delivery was extremely quick! I received my parcel a few days after confirmation.


What were your initial thoughts on receiving the parcel?

Great! The packaging was amazing, so polished and nicely presented. I loved the care instructions card! It was informative and casual.


How do the sheets look?

The sheets look great, I love how seamless they look. They have a slight sheen to them and the colour is devine.


How do the sheets feel?

There's nothing worse than a scratchy sheet, but these charcoal sheets were so soft that even Hugo (My Dog) loved them.


What would you say about The Sheet Society to your friends and family?

They need to get on their website and order now! The Sheet Society is a great brand and the quality is exceptional.


What's next on the wish list?

I have my eye on a few different things. I can't say It will be just one item in my next order. So many amazing colours and styles to choose from.


How would you rate it out of 5?

Six out of Five stars!!

Our Charcoal sheets are the perfect neautral colour to slot into any bedroom. Style them with our Bailey Dove Grey European pillowcases for a similar look to Cody's.




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