April 05, 2018 2 min read

Our lucky Sleep Tester for March was Lewis from Richmond, in Melbourne. It's a hard job, but Louis was up to the challenge!

Lewis chose to test our Ethan Grey Marle Quilted Cover with the matching Pillowcases - check it out here


Thoughts on The Sheet Society...

I consider brand loyalty to be extremely important. In order to better understand The Sheet Society, I did some research (Insta, FB, website, Google search, etc.). I was impressed with what I discovered and can see myself building loyalty.

I noticed that the site provides gender-stereotypical recommendations. I’m not bothered by it – but I did notice. At worst, you might offend or exclude someone. At best, someone might miss out on discovering their perfect sheets.


Thoughts on OUR ETHAN Quilt Cover...

The great thing about this Doona is that the underside looks good enough to be able to flip it over. It actually looks quite good when folded down at the top, making the patterned side a feature. The colour is great! There generally can be quite a few variations of that shade of grey, and the grey chosen is the right shade of mid/cool grey.

Thoughts on the Quality...

The quality is fantastic. I was quite impressed. The material is soft and appears to have been dyed well. The stitching is clean. The zip is so discrete, it is barely noticeable. To be honest, when I first heard that it had a zip-fastener, I envisioned a chunky, ugly (and potentially painful) zip. The zip is one of my favourite features; it’s the type of small detail that makes me brand loyal.


The delivery was the only disappointing part of this experience; Australia Post is responsible. After the expected delivery window had passed and nothing had arrived, we discovered that the package was awaiting collection from the post office and we had not received any notice.

  The packaging itself was sensational. It made unboxing the doona an experience.


I am planning to buy a sheet set to see how it compares to the doona set, and my existing sheets.

I am curious to see if The Sheet Society sheets improve my sleep!



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