September 06, 2017 2 min read

Rental properties are great for those of us who hate commitment, love moving around or are simply spending too much money on smashed avo’s and student debts to be able to get inside our dream home. Although there are so many benefits to renting (not having to make major life decisions comes to mind), decorating your space to make it your own can be difficult.

Let’s face it - in between condition reports, wall to wall carpets and awkward empty corners it can be hard to find beauty in rentals but we’ve come up with a few styling tips to make your house a ‘home’ 🏠

Command hooks - These are ideal for a cheap non-invasive way to hang your favorite frames on the wall.

Mirrors - Using mirrors in corners is not only a great way to fill empty corners and reflect light but it can also give your home the illusion of more space.

Invest in more generic looking furniture pieces - Don’t buy furniture to fit your current space, because they might not suit your next rental property.

Give the place a fresh coat of paint - Most real estate agents won’t mind you freshening up the paint as long as it’s the same colour. This might mean your move in day will be later but it will make the rooms looks a lot cleaner.

Change up the light globes/fittings - Most rentals will have nothing more than standard light globes, these can easily be customized, just double check with your landlord before you make any drastic changes.

Mix and match bedding - This way you can change your colours seasonally without having to worry about your landlord!

Use European pillows as floor cushions - This is perfect for the in between phase while you’re waiting for your couch to arrive.

Indoor plants - This is a great way to fill empty spaces and clear the air, we talk about the best indoor plants here in our previous post.


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