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Dream Girl... Salome Brembilla

October 03, 2017

Dream Girl... Salome Brembilla

We got in bed with mega babe and Salome Nussbaumer - The Aussie IT GIRL shared her biggest dreams, bed time ritual and sleep style with us!

What’s your insta name? @salomebrembilla

What’s your bedtime ritual?  Early nights, burning incense, listening to calming or meditation music and drinking sleepy time tea whilst planning the day ahead if not already planned :)

Biggest dream you’re chasing right now? I am working on my very own website at the moment, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. Getting my conscious living website life and influencing as much people as possible to live by a environmental friendly lifestyle, and maybe who knows, being able to make this my profession - even though I am studying industrial design and I would love also love to own my own brand for intelligent kitchen appliances!

First thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?I try as much as possible to wake up and think of 3 things I am grateful for, as I think that it is a positive habit to have! But sometimes I do have to admit, I just think of Coffee… Coffee is still usually the first thing in the morning that gets me focused.. it literally makes me smile and excited to just think about getting a coffee ( no jokes haha! ) … Plus I really like the routine of having a coffee in the morning!

Favourite Insta accounts you’re following at the moment?  So some of my favourite accounts include :

#Fashionwise, I LOVE @pepamack because she’s a gorgeous human being first of all, and I admire her style. She’s super classy but laid back, has a great sense of what works together, I love how you can very rarely see her face on her photos, which really rings the focus on her clothes. She looks very Parisian, pure love !

#Foodwise, I LOVE @minimalistbaker as their recipes are vegan, quick and easy! The couple, have made their passion their jobs and have conquered the world of food blogging, bringing cookbooks out and also creating a food photography course! A lot of work behind all of that, but it definitely pays out!

#Greenliving wise, I love @trashisfortossers because even though she is not vegan, she is still very conscious about her waste, and thats a big plus to me. I find it amazing how she opened her own waste free shop and how she is influencing people and really being someone to be looking up to, so inspiring !

#Dogwise, I absolutely am in love with @australianshepherdworld as they repost photos of all aussie shepherds around the world, and without kidding, seeing a puppy photo can make my day. It is in fact my favourite breed of dog ! One day I’ll adopt one for sure #inlove.

Especially for the 3 first instagram accounts I mentioned, I find it very inspiring to see how these women/couples have achieved to turn their passion into their job, and it shows that with a lot of work and determination and a good intention, you can live and work your dream.




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