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8 Things We Love Doing That You Don't Have to Get out of Bed For 😴😴

August 01, 2017

8 Things We Love Doing That You Don't Have to Get out of Bed For 😴😴

We all know how long, cold, wet and windy winter can get in Melbourne. It can be very tempting to spend a whole day (or even two) in bed sometimes. We don’t want you to get out of your comfy bed if you don’t have to so we’ve made a list of 8 fun things you can do between the sheets:

Netflix – Because.. Duh!

UberEats – You’ve got to love the convenience of getting food delivered straight to bed! Luxury or just lazy?

Online shopping – We also love ‘online window shopping’ for when the bank account won’t allow you to checkout.

Sleep – Obviously.

Cuddle – Forget date night, wouldn’t you rather spend some time with your significant other between the sheets?

Snooze your alarm – I don’t know why this is so satisfying but it just is.

Book a holiday – These things take a lot of planning so it’s a great excuse to spend a couple of hours with your head on the pillow.

Stalk celebrities on Instagram – What better place to catch up on the latest celeb gossip?


looking for more reasons to stay in bed all day?



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